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The Kinetics of Fishman Returning to Earth
10/20/2011, 10:47 PM
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And he seemed confused
that the sea was so far away
and immense stretches of sand
the kinds of volumes that
can’t be counted in handfuls

sprawled between him and the water

when years later
after spurting from the waves
like a bloated flying fish
he awoke in an unmown pasture
with nothing but green
and a senseless portrait of the sky
chigger-bitten and the only
still thing in tall grass.


02/17/2011, 8:38 PM
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seaglass, Love, is not a concern
when the tide brings the bottom
sands to the shore. your fingertips (look
at them) are wave-colored,
and the scent of oysters when they trail
across my shoulders.
the prints were stolen by Poseidon
in the night and no one will ever know
where you have been.
i wish your skin (feel it) were glass
forever, shaped so
to fit my palm.
it is breakable but so is water
and all the ways i can say your name
they are breakable, too.
your chin is coral against mine,
currents pulling through my hair,
a reef under my toes,
something I can grasp.
saltwater, Love, is not a concern.
it comes from our eyes anyway.

06/01/2009, 9:22 PM
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(Water)-cold night comes in through the floorboards
(Ocean) gargling stiff (seashell) toes and (sand)
Out from underneath
Floods over feet, wet everywhere
Ankles (seaweed) and numb, shaking
(Sea) foam churns around calf,
Severs (mollusk) bone at the knees and they scream,
Chill feels like harpoon on thighs, brittle flesh
And knobby (starfish) cracked
Base of ribcage (scaly) thin (coral) scraped
Stars incandescent on (treasure?) chest
Oxygen fades at the neck, bubbles, then submerge
Liquefied (blue) and dreary-dark, eyes shut,
Dream(fish) swims by.