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The love in me…
09/20/2009, 3:51 PM
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the love in me
is pink and curious
like a tongue sealed behind
molten glass lips,
probing where the glaze is
solidifying and
a patch of light shines through
indigo and carnelian,
scalding. it threatens
to dismantle the window
piece by piece,
and leave its church
through the very
thing it worships.


Forbidden Fruit
07/09/2009, 3:25 PM
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It was the image hanging out the corner of your mouth
that sent me over the edge. The
fibrous mottled skin of
all things beautiful, flung across your cheek
like an overcoat, you wrapped up in it and your arms
going the wrong way through the sleeves. It was so big on you
it could have been your grandfather’s
and when you smiled, I saw the translucent
bits of sweetflesh stuck in your teeth like
black keys on a piano. Then you chuckled like an
out-of-tune baby grand, and your breath
smelled just like the fruit
you devoured in the shade of your mind,
not even thinking to wash it first.
You and your sugarcoated mouth and your uncontrollable hunger
and now all that’s left is a shred of skin
reduced to a sloppy triangle and fit for a graveyard, and all you can say is
It wasn’t a very good apple.