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07/26/2009, 11:26 PM
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It’s a first draft, to be revised at some point, but here’s what I have for now.

She is indignant. “I can
do it myself.” But he offers his hand
and she takes it,
anyways, and stretches her leg up the stoop,
the pink ribbons in her hair bouncing,
one hand out for balance, the other secure in
Daddy’s grasp. When she reaches the top
she smiles up at him
and bobbles in the door, which he
holds open.
In ten years he will offer to drive
her to a friend’s before she’s even
reached for her keys, but she will say, “I can
do it myself,” and leave him there
with just that, the grinding jingle of
the keys she’s holding the way
he used to hold her hand, and the springloaded double-slam
of the screen door. The sound of the
engine will float to the ceiling like
a noodle in boiling water until long after
she has driven away, the only evidence
she spoke a word at all the pink
ribbon on her lips, now
split up the middle.