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09/24/2009, 11:08 PM
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It rains without
warning or reason.
The sky is
dusted eggshell tint,
and the water
slants down,
battering itself in bounceback
on the roof,
like the sky is trying
to break its vow to
the clouds by
throwing its diamonds away.
I am filled with
rain like this.
I am filled with
noise and storm. There is
then nothing.


The love in me…
09/20/2009, 3:51 PM
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the love in me
is pink and curious
like a tongue sealed behind
molten glass lips,
probing where the glaze is
solidifying and
a patch of light shines through
indigo and carnelian,
scalding. it threatens
to dismantle the window
piece by piece,
and leave its church
through the very
thing it worships.

the obligatory 9/11 poem
09/12/2009, 2:42 AM
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It is impossible to determine the
magnitude of noise in a person
during a moment of silence. The entire
country hushes, like a white cloth
has been thrown over it, showing the
contours of stillness, and the only sound
is the sound of a billion lower jaws
sliding forward and clenching.
The only movement is
a hundred thousand people
entangling their hands in
someone else’s, the only feeling
is the feeling of their pulse, and
the only color is the white space
where thumbs have pressed through us.